And now, an important message from FilmLife

Hello everyone,

I’m sure you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a podcast release in a while, so I’m here to provide some news. 

Though our podcast has been a rewarding creative outlet for us, our goal has always been to launch our careers in filmmaking. It’s time for us to get closer to that goal. After much consideration, Patrick and I have decided to move FilmLife in a new direction, in order to begin work on our own film projects. 

Our podcast is not going away, but the episodes will be less frequent. Patrick and I will continue to provide written material for FilmLife, and have already planned some exciting new topics that we’ve never covered on the podcast. 

Thank you all for continuing to follow us on our journey. We can’t wait to share our new projects with you together as FilmLife, and as filmmakers. 


Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing Rogue One


December is finally here, and with it comes the one thing we’ve been patiently waiting for all year: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Chances are you’ll be seeing Rogue One this weekend even if you’re not the biggest Star Wars fans in the galaxy, so we’d like to offer a quick background on the film the help your viewing experience. Here’s what you need to know before you see Rogue One:

What’s it about?
First let’s begin at the very first Star Wars movie. Released in 1977, Star Wars (later re-titled  as Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, which is another story for another day), introduced audiences to the years-long battle between the evil Empire and the courageous Rebellion. In the film, Princess Leia is captured by Darth Vader after stealing plans to the Empire’s newest and most powerful weapon, the Death Star.

Rogue One is the story of the small group of Rebels who stole those plans, and presumably how they got into the hands of Princess Leia.

Why do the Rebels need the Death Star plans?
So they can figure out how to blow it up.

So this movie takes place before the original movie?
Correct, the events of Rogue One take place before the 1977 film.

What about the Star Wars movie that came out last year? I liked that one.
Unfortunately, the events of Rogue One take place way, way before the 2015 film The Force Awakens, so don’t expect to see any of those characters in Rogue One.

Weren’t there other Star Wars movies out like 10 years ago?
Correct again! The Prequel Trilogy (comprising of The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith) takes place before Rogue One.

We know it’s a little confusing, so here’s a timeline:
Prequel Trilogy – Rogue One – Original Trilogy – The Force Awakens

Do I need to watch the other Star Wars movies before I go see Rogue One?
You don’t need to, but you should anyway, if you wanna be cool… Dont you wanna be cool?

Yes. Will Chewbacca be in this movie?
Probably not, but we have our fingers crossed.

Who is in this movie?
Rogue One features Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything, Like Crazy) as Jyn Erso, the main character tasked with stealing the Death Star plans. On her trail is the villainous imperial Director Krennic, played by Ben Mendelshon (The Dark Knight Rises, ‘Girls’).

Good, I’ll try to remember all that.
Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

Westworld recap/Arrival review


Tonight we recap the hugely popular HBO series ‘Westworld’ and break down that mind-blowing twist (you know the one), and what it means for the show. Also on the episode, we provide our thoughts on Arrival, the sci-fi/drama from the director of Sicario, and discuss what gave the film such an effective and emotional impact.

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Westworld/Marvel’s Luke Cage



On tonight’s episode we discuss the first two episodes of HBO’s complex and highly promising sci-fi/western ‘Westworld’, Netflix and Marvel’s knockout Harlem-set crime saga ‘Luke Cage’, and our movie-themed costume ideas for Halloween!


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Podcast: Have You Seen It?


On today’s episode we take you on a tour through some of the limited-edition movie art we’ve collected from our favorite artists and groups, including Mondo and Gallery1988. Also, we have an extended segment of “Have You Seen It?” with discussions on ‘Death Note’, ‘The Danish Girl’, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, and more!

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Podcast: An Excellent Adventure

Tonight’s podcast features two new segments called “Guess the Soundtrack” and “Things We Hate”, a story of how The Goonies almost killed one of us, a story of how one of us was tricked into acting in a student film, quotes from A Goofy Movie and Beetlejuice, and a quick discussion on Seth Rogen’s animated film, Sausage Party.

Podcast: Suicide Squad/Batman The Killing Joke


Tonight we examine two very divisive comic-book films: Suicide Squad, and the animated feature Batman: The Killing Joke! One is a bright, wild, colorful mess featuring radically new interpretations of DC’s best-known villains, and the other is an R-rated adaptation of one of the most influential and controversial graphic novels of all time. Warner Bros and DC took a big risk in producing and releasing these two films, hoping to find an accepting audience, but does the gamble pay off? Listen now to find out!

Podcast: Star Trek Beyond / San Diego Comic Con


The third film in the updated series, Star Trek Beyond attempts to bring back the tone and adventure of the original television series, but does this added familiarity hold the film back? We’ll give you the answer, and our WILD theory about the future of the Star Trek films!

Also we discuss the big moments and reveals from San Diego Comic Con, including footage from Justice League, Wonder Woman, Kong: Skull Island, and King Arthur!

Podcast: Ghostbusters/Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Tonight’s episode is all about comedy! We take a look at the new Ghostbusters film and determine if the comedy and its highly-talented cast was strong enough to overcome the negative reaction from its underwhelming trailers. Also, we review Hunt for the Wilderpeople, a unique coming-of-age story from the director of What We Do in the Shadows! All that, and recaps for HBO’s “Vice Principals” and “The Night Of”, and Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. Listen now, before the Fourth Cataclysm arrives!